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Types of Dental Floss

Types of Floss Dental floss comes in a variety of colors, materials and even flavors. Waxed varieties slide through the teeth, allowing people with extremely tight spaces to floss more easily. Popular flavors of floss include wintergreen and cinnamon. Waxed floss does tend to fray more than unwaxed floss. A type of material called dental […]

Selecting a Toothbrush

There are so many different types of toothbrushes in the marketplace that it can be a difficult choice to know what is best.  Our office considers any toothbrush that that provides you both a good tool for removal of plaque, plus is safe for the gums (soft bristles) as being best for your oral health. […]

Mouth Guards

In sporting activities there is a great need to protect your smile. Anyone who participates in a sport that carries a significant risk of injury to teeth, lips, cheek and tongue, should wear a mouth protector. This includes a wide range of sports like football, hockey, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, and volleyball. A properly fitted mouth […]

Dental Products

Confused by the large array of dental and oral health products available at the pharmacy and supermarket?  Not sure what is a good product, and which may be just a gimmicky gadget? The best advice when seeking an over the counter product is to look for either a seal of approval from the American Dental […]